Use a Computer

The library has public computers with Internet access. This describes what we have and how to use them.
  • There are three available PCs, located mid-way in the library; 
  • All use Windows 7 with access to Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer; 
  • Wireless internet (Wi-fi) is available in library, and is accessible 24/7 near the building outside of the library;
  • Usage is limited to one half hour per Patron if there are other patrons waiting to use the computers.  Otherwise, Patrons may continue in half hour increments; 
  • If you are doing online job resumes, job applications, school project research, or a proctored exam, check with the librarian to reserve  extra time;
  • If you have overdue books, you may not use these computers until they are returned or the fines paid.
  • Printed pages from the computer printer are $.10 each.  Black only, no color prints available.

The use of the library Internet falls under the LeCompte Library Computer and Internet Use Policy.