Your Library Card

Who can get a library card account, how to apply, and how to use your library card.

Who is eligible to get a library card account?

  • Cards are no longer issued.  Accounts are now established in a computerized account.  Persons eligible for library card accounts must be a resident of Wayne County. 
  • Upon the discretion of the Library Director, persons may be eligible to borrow if living within the service area of an Iowa library approved for reciprocal borrowing though the open Access Program.

How to Apply: Accounts will be established upon completion of an application including an address, a telephone number, proof of residency, and review of a photo identification.   Applications will be received at the front desk.

Responsibilities of the Account Holder:

  • A borrower will be responsible for returning materials within the allotted time.  If damage or loss occurs, the borrower will be responsible for replacement costs.  If a borrower does not return materials in a timely manner, or if damages have not been taken care of, eligibility to check out materials may be denied.
  • Library privileges may be suspended at the discretion of the Library Director.  Revocation of library privileges is subject to Board approval.

    Childrens Library Accounts: Children under the age of 16 must have a parent or a guardian’s written consent to obtain a library account.  Responsibility for the child’s selection and return of materials, and any fines or charges accrued on a child’s card, is that of the parent or guardian of the child. 

    How to Use Your Library Account:

    • The loan period will be 2 weeks for all materials.  Materials may be renewed for another 2-week period if the material has not been placed on hold or reserved for another patron. 
    • A CD player may be checked out upon receipt of a refundable $15 deposit.  The CD player must be returned in the condition in which it was checked out which includes operable batteries.  It is the borrower’s responsibility to replace batteries that cease to operate.  If the player is not returned in good condition, borrower will be fined the cost to replace the CD player.
    • All materials may be renewed by telephone or in person. 
    • Books, magazines, videos and audios may be held in reserve upon request.  The requestor will be notified by phone, e-mail or postcard when the item is available.  If the item is not claimed within five library days after the notification, it will be given to the next patron on the reserve list or returned to general circulation.


    • For adults, fines will be charged in the amount of ($0.05) 5 cents per day for hardback books, audios, videos, DVDs, magazines and paperbacks.
    • Children/students will also be charged 5 cents per day for each item overdue. 
    • A ceiling of $10.00 will be placed on all fines.  Friday will be a “no fine” day on which all materials may be returned with no fines charged.


    Inter-library loan services:   Inter-library loan services are available to all responsible patrons through SILO (State of Iowa Libraries Online) or OCLC-First Search by request to the librarian.  Patrons using these services will be charged a $3.00 fee to cover return postage.  The circulation and renewal periods are set by the lending library.  

    Reference Services: The librarian will strive to satisfy all reference questions submitted by telephone or in person by using the following resources:  in-library materials, internet, electric library, regional library, First Search. Whenever possible, the patron will be encouraged to find the material themselves with the resources provided by the librarian.

    Confidentiality of Records:  All records of materials checked out will be kept confidential.