Our Annual Report

Includes statistical and financial data, and narrative reports from the Library Director. It was approved by the Public Library Board November 2015 and submitted to City Council December 2015.
Karl Miles LeCompte Memorial Public Library
For fiscal year July 2014 to June 2015

 “Libraries will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no libraries.”  ~ Quoted in The Whole Earth Catalog, 1980 edition

Whether it’s locating vital information, engaging young minds with story times, offering a welcoming place to be inspired and learn, LeCompte Memorial Library provides many opportunities for growth, information, paths to excellence, relaxation and entertainment.  

At the LeCompte Memorial Public Library during the 2015 fiscal year:
•    7,837 items were checked out
•     Approximately 4,650 visitors crossed    the library threshold
•     2,760 people used the internet services
•     Reference questions were answered
•     90 children attended the summer library reading programs
•     Items were borrowed through Inter-library loan from other libraries
•     Genealogy requests were received and processed

LeCompte Public Library keeps people “plugged into” all forms of information. For some residents, the Library is the only place to access the Internet. In this fiscal year, there were approximately 2,760 in-house library internet uses.  In order to improve its digital literacy and offer wider access to properly validated and up to date information for the patron researching and/or needing legal, medical, business, academic information – LeCompte is now  offering EBSCO Host, widely recognized and used by most libraries, chosen for its excellence in electronic research technology.


The LeCompte Library services have provided an important return on the monies invested by this community. 7,837 items were lent to Library users in 2015.

A national study values the use of books at $15 each.[1] Applying that conservatively to just the 7,295 books checked out in 2015, it brings a community value of $109,425 dollars. Even when you take only half of the study’s $15 value applied to the 390 audio books and music CDs checked out, it amounts to close to $3,000 in value. Applying a minimal $4 value to the 65 VHR and video cassette checkouts brings an additional $260 of community value. This doesn’t include magazines and periodicals.

The approximate cost of Internet use from privately provided services is approximately $2.50 per half-hour.[1] Taking the 2,760 uses of library equipment in 2015 and multiplying by the $2.50, brings a $6,900 return.

90 children participated in Children’s programs in the summer of 2015. Using an average $4.50 cost of a children’s movie ticket plus snacks, the value of this one program was approximately $400.00.  

This does not even touch the value of promoting literacy through the excitement of reading, nor the joy of community participation in reading programs, in the hearts and minds of our children.

Total library operating expenditures in 2015 were $26K.

Your library is a valuable community asset!

Judy Utiger-Bacci
            Library Director

[1] 2012 Marshfield Public Library Facts